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Quality of Textile Produtoon
It’s always easier to make a quality product rather than explaining why the product is without quality. 

Quality Control is just not a vague term for us to talk about but the systematically adopted, professional phenomenon that is the cornerstone of our work philosophy. At MagniPak we only believe in maintaining the quality as an integrated ritual of the production process.

Our quality control steps/actions are explained below:-

We maintain a list of Pre-qualified factories meeting our standards for working together. The selection of factories is based on strict factory & social audits and the financial strength and availability of resources to meet the production and shipment timelines.

It involves the physical checking of raw materials like yarn and grey fabrics on details like yarn quality, sizing, fabric construction, mending, etc. Our quality control staff collaborate with the production team at all production stages from dying/printing of fabric, finishing, physical checking, stitching, and packing. Any deviation, if noticed, is immediately rectified then and there.

It is conducted for at least 10% of randomly selected merchandise once the shipment is finally ready for loading. Randomly chosen samples are obtained for lab testing, and loading of containers is only allowed after receiving the compliance reports/Ok tests from the lab.

The quality assurance team remains watchful at the time of loading of containers to ensure that customers’ instructions regarding packaging and stuffing are adequately complied with in letter & spirit.

We go a step further in safeguarding the interests of our customers by reviewing the full set of shipping/export documents (for each shipment), by our staff familiar with prevalent banking procedures and regulations. The shippers are instructed to rectify discrepancies (if any) before presenting documents to their Bank for negotiation / discounting.

People believe in us because we believe in values