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labour day

Labor day – A forgotten Phenomenon

His body was shivering. He could hardly breathe. About 57 years old but looking ten years above his age, he was shirtless. This was not his craze but fate. The first thing he would do after reaching the workplace is taking off his shirt to keep that apparently clean. The fact was that it was his only possession in the name of “shirt”. The forced “sunbath” tanned his medium brown skin to dark… Read More »Labor day – A forgotten Phenomenon

How Corona effecting

The lifestyle of 2020 – the COVID -19 age

One vital role that corona played in my life is helping me recall the basic ethics my kindergarten teacher once told me. Certainly, the corona isn’t issuing fee vouchers to us but it’s costing the most precious asset called human life. A lot of buzzes around and terrible hype about the plethora of do’s and don’t is around. A theory says that human beings have three responses to every crisis.… Read More »The lifestyle of 2020 – the COVID -19 age

Work from Home

Working from Home in Corona Times

The year started with landing me in a college that I never loved hearing of. Scoring an MBA degree was one on the top of my bucket list. I realized that I was not pleased when I finally started it. A little brainstorming and I found the answer. It was ‘the ambiance’. I am sure I am not the only one to whom every morning is a nightmare to find… Read More »Working from Home in Corona Times