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Working from Home
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Working from Home in Corona Times

Awaking of a Monster

The year started with landing me in a college that I never loved hearing of. Scoring an MBA degree was one on the top of my bucket list. I realized that I was not pleased when I finally started it. A little brainstorming and I found the answer. It was ‘the ambiance’. I am sure I am not the only one to whom every morning is a nightmare to find its time to go to the same place that scares you. It was such a nightmare like the Bermuda triangle gulping me each day. My worries remaining in place as I couldn’t avoid it.

Feel @ Home

The chaos was hollowing my soul when a piece of news changed all my tangled thoughts. It was a 9’O clock bulletin when I heard of the country is locked down as a safety measure against corona spread. Not that I believe in a still country painted on canvas but I was blessed. No more visits to the building, customized schedules, and comfy home ambiance. Did this butterfly visit your stomach when you learn that you are going to work from home? Believe me that there’s nothing better than home where you feel more at home. Remember we all wait for the weekends and vacations a whole year. All of those prayers have answered perhaps. Keeping the fact aside that human is a social animal, we have to smile wide over the perks we got with this new routine. It’s surely temporary but cherish-able. Let’s not waste this out of blue unexpected blessings. Here I got a few tips to make your work from home or digital study fun.

Plan an Activity

Set up the game with arranging your workplace. I know we all dreamed of being organized humans as much as our parents want us to be. Why not put it to daily rituals. The organization comes with the package. Cycle it with inside out. You got your time for the perfect yoga or morning exercise. Isn’t it a  privilege to break the dress code and stiff neck formalities? My constant argument with parents is over missing breakfast. Now we all Sparing a good time enjoying a cup of tea with family while they still enlighten us with the benefits of cutting down on caffeine, junk food, and whatnot, “not to Dos”. I felt an electrifying wave when I recalled those breakfast moments while navigating the cab driver. Ever wondered if Columbus was an Uber driver during the bygone days. Lucky are the people who don’t have to invest their half of the day’s time in commuting to office and back.

Its Blessing in a Way!

Even if someday I trained my mind to behave and enjoy my travel with a melodious beat my headphone is transmitting, the vehicle beeps keep piercing my ears. Getting rid of daily traveling is a wonderful feeling of relief. Connect the dot and guess the next harm it did to your wallet. I used to feel dehydrated as cabs were charging me a kidney to parcel me at college. Its time to save, huge bucks. Isn’t it? The most vital advantage of home-based learning and working is being knitted to family. There were many people who couldn’t spare family time because of tough schedules and workload. Make memories so you may get able to narrate a few to your grandchildren.

Grab the Perks

An integral part of life is it’s ‘in case’ uncertainties. Why not love it rather than getting afraid of it. Its a comfort sentence making humans know that they are not tied to any particular rule. So it makes sane sense to work, socialize, build nice offices, create setups, and teach humans to work in a pattern. But just take this break as the world is being renovated and humans are being re-transformed to feel the real and lost sense of humanity. Attune your minds to grasp the perks the other side of the Corona crisis is providing to us.  

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