Heimtextil – 2019

Heimtextil 2019, an international trade fair for textile goods, has ended with happy note for Pakistani exporters for receiving a tremendous response.

The buyers, especially those from European countries, have shown keen interest in the Pakistani products like home textile, bed wear and towel etc.

Pakistani exporters were expecting such a good news in wake of policy shift in the newly formed government at home. The new government seems determined to turn the tables on ever reducing exports over the last ten years.

A bunch of over 200 Pakistani companies were at board at the fair. Depreciation of the rupee, reduction in gas prices and other measures in the row are helping exporters to sell their products at competitive prices.

Brexit will have its own impact on prices in UK but things can be manageable through effective measures by the companies supplying there.

The potential buyers of Pakistani textiles will be from all over the globe but momentum will be built slowly. Pakistani companies have to face strong competition from India, China and Bangladesh.

A bit warm response at the fair will stir up the activities in textile sector after about a decade. It will surely engage workforce bringing back the good old days of textile sector in Pakistan.